My work aptly reflects the name of my business Forest and Flight capturing nature in the forest and the air using digital photography.  My work in digital photography captures the diversity of nature throughout the Lower Wisconsin River Valley and brings it into a person’s home. It’s memories of the migration for the waterfowl enthusiast; the vivid sunset or sunrise that is etched in one’s mind; activities and antics of wildlife and birds that a person would never have the opportunity to see for themselves.

I use Nikon 750 and Sony A77 MKII bodies along with Nikon, Sony and Sigma lenses that enable me to shoot in low light, macro, and distances to 300 yards.  I shoot in manual mode and only natural lighting (no color enhanced filters) is used from sunrise to sunset.  Through manipulation of ISO, shutter speeds, and aperture settings I achieve the most natural and realistic image possible – very little or no post production editing is done.

I prefer to take photos with lots of action and in different perspectives than people are accustom to seeing.  The A77 has the capability of taking 12 frames per second. From these sequential images I create a panoramic to complete the entire action process for the viewer. I also shoot stills of my creatures to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

I am fortunate to be blessed with Sauk County’s hidden treasure on our property - the rare white deer.  I love to share these magnificent creatures through my photos with others who may never have the opportunity to see them.  I capture their mystic, beauty, intimacy, playfulness, curiosity, and family interaction. 

Besides the white deer, my passion is anything that flies because of the difficulty in capturing their movement.  I love photographing the local majestic eagles capturing their strength, maneuverability, speed and keen hunting abilities.  Being an avid waterfowl enthusiast, I try to capture for other bird enthusiasts – their colors, habitats, rituals, takeoffs, flights and landings.

All local, native and seasonal species of wildlife as well as sunrises and sunsets are fair game in my “catch and release” adventures.